Commercial Wireless: SME

Download Speed Monthly Fee
2 Mbps R1 199 ORDER NOW
5 Mbps R1 599 ORDER NOW
10 Mbps R1 899 ORDER NOW
15 Mbps R2 720 ORDER NOW
20 Mbps R3 570 ORDER NOW
30 Mbps R5 270 ORDER NOW
50 Mbps R6 970 ORDER NOW
100 Mbps R8 670 ORDER NOW
Upload 30% of download speed


  • Contention Ratio is 8:1
  • SLA – Silver
  • 97% Uptime Guarantee
  • Unshaped
  • Uncapped
  • Subject to Acceptable Use Policy
  • physical site survey is required prior to an installation to confirm feasibility
  • Up to 1 Fixed Public IP address provided
  • All equipment remains the property
    of sonic and will be collected upon cancellation
  • Debit order mandatory for monthly service fees
  • Pricing exclusive of VAT
  • Pricing subject to 24 month contract term

Installation Costs

24 Month Contract
R2 500


Service Level Agreement Silver
Hours of priority on network 6am till 6pm
Priority outside of SLA hours Best effort
Uptime Guarantee 97%

Standard installation excludes

  • Trunking if needed – survey team to quote
  • Additional network points – survey team to quote
  • Additional Wi-Fi routers – survey team to quote
  • Additional on-site technical support (configuration of additional devices, printers, etc.) – billed @R450 per hour

Standard installation includes

  • 10 day lead time
  • Physical installation of the outdoor dish antenna
  • Use of the outdoor dish antenna for the duration of the contract term
  • Cable run from the dish antenna into a single point inside the client’s premises
  • Use of 4 port Mikrotik router


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