Why Should I use Sonic Telecoms?

A Member
of the
Herotel Group

HeroTel maintains a country-wide network of over 30 Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP’s).  Cumulatively, the HeroTel group has over 70 000 customers throughout South Africa.

Over 5000 Clients
throughout the
Western Cape

Our clients can attest to our quality support and customer service.

We have more
than 90
Staff members

Our employees are experts in their respective fields

Established in 2010 -
We've been around
for 9 Years.

We’ve had a lot of time and practice to get things right. So you’re in good hands.  

Check out our National Herotel Pricing.
Available across South Africa from as little as R299 p/m.
As a Herotel company, we represent one in 33 Wireless Internet Service Providers across South Africa.
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