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The Top 5 Game Play Channels to Watch on Youtube.


Jessie Clarke-Mcleod
July 6, 2018


The Top 5 Game Play Channels to Watch on Youtube.

The world of gaming has come to rely heavily on the Youtube gaming culture. If a famous game player endorses a new game to 60 million subscribers, this can have a significant impact on bottom line sales. These YouTubers have some of the most highly subscribed channels on the Youtube platform. Their level of reach within the gaming networks makes them a valuable influence on the gaming community. Some of these game players earn up to 16 million dollars a year. This blog post will walk you through the top five gameplay channels to check out on youtube. This “playlist” has been selected by popularity and the number of subscribers. Foreign language game plays have been excluded from this list. We hope you enjoy our compilation of funny and entertaining game plays.

5). The Syndicate Project.

Tom Cassel from Manchester, England has a youtube channel with 9.7 million subscribers.

The foundation of his gameplay was Halo, Call Of Duty, Modern Warfare as well as Minecraft.

He also features real-life adventure channels and reaction videos. His diverse content makes him an attractive youtuber to follow. He has run into a bit of trouble on his page for promoting products like the Xbox One console without disclosing that he had been paid to promote it. Tom has also branched outside of Youtube and started a clothing line and was the Vice President of a Gambling company,

4). Dan TDM.

Daniel Middleton is a UK born youtube star who has won 7 Kids Choice Awards.

He has over 17.8 million subscribers and an annual income of 16.5 million dollars. He is best known for his Minecraft gameplay. Daniel has quite a young target audience with the majority of his subscribers between the ages of 5 and 10 years of age.  Dan TDM has an online store where his fans can purchase his merchandise. Dan TDM is the highest paid YouTuber in the world earning 16. 5 million in 2017.

3). JackSepticEye.

Sean Mcloughlin is an Irish Youtube personality with over 19 million subscribers. His channel is the most subscribed channel in Ireland. The Youtube channel style is loud with plenty of shouting and swearing over the gameplay.  Sean has over 18 million subscribers and has signed up with Disney to be featured on their Disney XD channel for a program titled, “Polaris: Player Select”.

2). Markplier.

Mark Fischbach originally from Honolulu has a unique, sensational style. The youtuber is well known for his energetic cursing, screaming and even crying during his gameplay. His channel is generally characterised by gameplay on horror and indie games. Mark had over 20 million subscribers and earned 12.5 million dollars in 2017. He has collaborated with other YouTubers to create sketch comedies and also creates vlogs where he engages with the youtube gaming community. Mark regularly attends industry events such as ComicCon where he sits on panels and engages in meet and greets.

1). PewDiePie

PewDiePie has 60 million subscribers.  He earned 12 million dollars in 2017.

PewDiePie has the largest following on Youtube in the world. He is best known for his gameplay on horror games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. PewDiePie’s videos are genuinely funny, and he manages to break the tension of the horror games with humour.  PewDiePie started making videos because he was, “ Afraid to play horror movies alone”. PewDiePie has also branched out and creates comedic videos of memes. Watch the gaming montage video below to get a better sense of the type of content he produces.

This concludes our list of the Top 5 Game Play Channels to watch on Youtube. With something for everybody, we do not doubt that you’ll find a gameplay youtuber you enjoy. Let us know about any of your favourite gameplay channels we might have missed. Share this article with your friends if you enjoyed reading it!

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