Fusion Fibre
A revolutionary technology blending
the best of Wireless Internet and Fibre Technology.

We’ll provide you with a free-to-use router and discounted install options on our contracts.

We dig you, not your pavement. No trenching is required with Fusion Fibre internet.
Once surveyed get installed within 7-10 working days.
Sonic Telecoms owns the network, so you only have to deal with one provider.
With Internet starting from as little as R399p/m everybody can afford to get connected.

Fixed Wireless
No Fibre? No problem!
With our Wireless Internet services we’ll get you connected.

We own the network so you’ll only have to deal with one provider.
Zero trenching required.
We offer discounted installs on our 12 and 24-month contracts.
Get a free-to-use router when you sign up.

Tower to the home technology ensures that your internet is delivered to your home wirelessly with our expansive network throughout the Western Cape.
It's faster than ADSL with uncapped internet starting from as little as R599 p/m.

Smart Fibre
Fibre Internet exclusive to residential estates and closed communities
Get Fibre Internet from as little as R499 p/m with speeds of up to 100 Mbps!


Designed, built and managed by Sonic Telecoms and the trustees of Estates. Get the best of Fibre technology and deal with only one provider.
Want to check if your estate has Smart Fibre? Check your coverage below. Enter your complex name and search our coverage map.


Fibre To The Home (FTTH)
Superfast Fibre speeds of up to 100Mbps!
Get a free install on our Advanced and Premium packages. A free-to-use router is included with your fibre service.
We’ve partnered with multiple fibre providers to be able to provide you with a service.

A fibre provider will trench and lay cables in your street. We can provide you with an internet service over their fibre infrastructure once they go live. Fibre uses light to transmit data over long distances in order to provide you with a service. Our internet over fibre starts at R599 p/m.