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Jessie Clarke-Mcleod



How White Hacking Helps You.

Sometimes it’s good to be hacked. The term ‘hacking often has negative connotations. However, hacking in and of itself is not evil. Hacking essentially is unexpectedly using existing infrastructure. To hack is to think or…



8 Podcasts to Listen to in 2018.

Podcasts feel like a radio show but so much cooler. The popularity of these shows has revitalised the medium to some extent. With fantastic sound design and incredibly exciting topics the internet and the ability…



Bitcoin-How It Works.

Bitcoin silverally redefines what we have come to understand as a financial system. We all feel safe investing in banks because there is a central authority that keeps track of all transactions that take place…



Why You Should Go to Comic Con Africa.

2018 is the first time that Comic Con is coming to Africa. That is enough of a reason to purchase tickets to this awesome event. Everything is happening at Comic Con, from cosplay to collectable…

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This site makes use of cookies.