We are an Internet Service Provider focused on delivering affordable,
high-speed Internet solutions for commercial and residential clients.

Sonic Telecoms officially registered as a company in 2010 and was composed of only three staff members at the time. Our CEO James Wilkinson created Sonic Telecoms with a vision to connect people and provide them with quality internet service. At first, it was connecting family and friends. In less than a decade we have grown to a company providing employment to over 90 staff with over 5000 current clients throughout the Western Cape. Sonic Telecoms has grown at a phenomenal rate from its humble beginnings. Through our commitment and passion to creating a quality product, we have built more than 150 high sites and provide internet access via on the leading open access fibre network providers. Sonic Telecoms has recently become wholly owned by Herotel, now our parent company, whose clientele base reaches 46 000 customers on a national level.

Our Values


Client Focused

  • Build positive relationships through outstanding service with each interaction.
  • Provide services with a focus on customer needs and fairness.
  • Focus on quality while maximising service delivery.


  • Challenging ourselves to develop and improve our service and product offerings continually.
  • Stay curious and strive for the best.


  • Uphold the highest ethical standards and promote honesty, trust and respect.
  • Take responsibility for situations, showing leadership and courage.

What Clients Say

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