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8 Ways to Protect your Digital Footprint online.

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Angelo Fortune
May 28, 2019


8 Ways to Protect your Digital Footprint online.

“Work is work”, and what you enjoy doing in your downtime is private right? Wrong. Welcome to the 21st Century where future employers are stalking your Insta bio and Facebook posts. It goes beyond looking at your CV and your qualifications. Businesses need to know if you fit in with their company culture. Your digital lifestyle plays a role and this article will provide you with 8 tips to keeping your online personas protected.

A digital footprint is defined as the trail of data you create while using the internet. The larger your digital footprint, the more information is available about you to others.

All our social media platforms share and store data about us differently. Take a look at the four biggest social media platforms and the different ways they showcase your activity online.

These social networks collect a lot of information about your behaviour which can become available to any member of the public. Your online presence is important because you are building a digital reputation.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.Warren Buffet

Here are some tips to help maintain your digital reputation.

  1.  Be smart about what you post and what you say to or about others. Remember that the Web is public and permanent.

  2.  Speaking about others in a negative way makes you look petty and shallow.

  3.  Do not let friends influence your better judgment.  If someone posts something that you view as inappropriate, don’t join the conversation unless it is to encourage mature and responsible comments.

  4.  Provocative and suggestive names and images can draw attention from people you don’t want in your life. Sexting, posting or sending provocative photos of yourself or others can get you into serious legal trouble.

  5.  Be watchful about the sites and chat rooms you visit.  You may find yourself linked to people who can tarnish your digital reputation.

  6. Be careful what you download or look at, even for a giggle. The trail you leave becomes part of your digital footprint.

  7. Don’t hide behind your computer by irritating or offending others online.

  8. Information about you on the Internet can be tough or impossible to remove, and it can often become an everlasting part of your online image.

We all seek to leave a legacy behind in this world, make sure your (digital) footprint is one you can be proud of.

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